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Developing Effective Strategies for the Mainstreaming of Integration Governance (UPSTREAM)

Project objectives

This project analyses how, why and to what effect governments at the EU, national and local level mainstream their migrant integration policies. It aims to promote a learning process in terms of policy coordination, practices and outcomes in the governance of migrant integration. It asks the central question ‘What are the obstacles and opportunities that mainstreaming generates in terms of migrant integration policies and outcomes?’. It aims to:

  • UNDERSTAND WHY AND WHEN POLICIES ARE MAINSTREAMED: What is the policy rationale behind mainstreaming, and under what conditions does mainstreaming occur?
  • ENHANCE UNDERSTANDING OF AND EXCHANGE LESSONS ON HOW TO MAINSTREAM POLICIES: What does it mean in terms of policy coordination? What does it mean in terms of policy practices?
  • UNDERSTAND AND IMPROVE THE CONSEQUENCES OF MAINSTREAMING:  What integration outcomes can be associated with mainstreaming? What are the consequences for specific (vulnerable) groups and for policy coordination?

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