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Education for all? Blog on the mainstreaming of EAL provision in England

Compasblog by our UK partner Ole Jensen on the mainstreaming of EAL (English as Additional Language). Though subject to various policy changes and cuts, in schools with historically high levels of ethnic diversity the mainstreaming of EMAG funding has resulted in increased budgetary flexibility. In Southwark for example -one of the British case studies in our project- schools have built up considerable EAL expertise. In fact, recent studies indicate EAL students in London achieve higher scores than EAL students in other regions (Strand et al 2015). Read the full blog here.

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Dutch-Polish workvisit on diversity mainstreaming

On April 13-14, a Dutch delegation of local and national policymakers will visit Polish counterparts on the topics of diversity mainstreaming and intra-EU mobility, part of a broader series of work visits organized in the context of the UPSTREAM project on mainstreaming integration governance.

The Dutch delegation includes representatives from the Department of Social Affairs, the Department of Security and Justice and the City of Rotterdam. They will be accompanied by several scholars from the UPSTREAM project, from Erasmus University Rotterdam, MPI-Europe and the Center for Migration Research of the University of Warsaw.

Besides roundtables on the central themes of the work visit (with representatives of Polish ministries, local authorities and NGO’s), the group will also visit the NGO Development Across Borders, the think tank Institute of Public Affairs and the Dutch Embassy in Poland.

For the full program of the work visit, see link.

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April 7-8, Polish workvisit to Spain

Next week the Polish workvisit to Spain will take place.

The visit focuses on the sharing of Polish-Spanish experiences with integration and mainstreaming, as two relatively ‘new’ immigration countries. The Polish visitors will meet with several governmental- and non-governmental actors. See the full program below.

UPSTREAM Polish-Spanish Work Visit 2015

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March 30 Dutch Upstream symposium ‘Mainstreaming: Beyond Immigrant Integration Policies?’

Next week the Dutch Upstream symposium on mainstreaming will take place.

Informed by the initial findings from the latest work package ‘Mainstreaming in Practice’ the state of mainstreaming in the fields of social cohesion and education will be discussed amongst the participating officials, political spokesmen and experts.

See the full program and list of participants below (in Dutch)

UPSTREAM Symposium 30 Maart

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Upstream workvisits: Bilateral exchanges on experiences with mainstreaming

All the Upstream partners are busy preparing and hosting the work visits. The visits are initiated to stimulate bilateral learning amongst the European countries.

A good and informative trip to all those traveling along!

Schedule work visits

March 23/24     Spanish visit to UK

March 25/26     UK visit to France

March 30/31     French visit to the Netherlands

April 7/8            Polish visit to Spain

April 13/14        Dutch visit to Poland

Program UPSTREAM French-Dutch Work Visit 2015

Program UPSTREAM Spanish-UK Work Visit 2015

Program UPSTREAM Dutch-Polish Work Visit 2015

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Managing mainstreaming: EU focusgroups on mainstreaming in education and social cohesion

MPI Europe held two focus groups in DecemberLogo-MPIEurope 2015. Despite landing on a day of a national strike in Belgium, participants from the European Commission and civil society braved the lack of public transport to participate in rich discussions about how mainstreaming has been put into practice within the EU Institutions.

The first focus group on how the European Commission promotes mainstreaming in education, discussed the importance of education to the European Union’s sustainable, inclusive, growth strategy. The second focus group on social cohesion and neighbourhood policy, discussed the difficulties of addressing housing and homelessness in the European Commission, as it falls between policy portfolios. Participants highlighted the difficulties of horizontal coordination (working across DG borders on cross-cutting issues such as integration) and vertical coordination (taking into account the needs of the local level). Debate also centred on ways to better manage EU funds to promote integration objectives, especially in light of the new Asylum and Migration Fund.

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